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Why you should harness social with us

Social Media holds tremendous power in today’s modern consumer environment and we leverage Social Media to help you achieve your business objectives and goals.

Our Social Media Management involves a “full-fledged social ninja” strategy that includes finding your ideal target persona and devising a strategy to help you involve your consumers with your business. This evokes a consumer to feel part of your community and connected to your brand.

Rather than yelling at your customers for attention, we communicate with them and build meaningful communities to create loyal brand advocates that will pull more consumers to your brand

Our Social Media Management Methodology

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    1. Social Media Audit

    We will analyse your current Social Media Following and do a complete audit of both your channels and your competitors channel while keeping your industry in mind to devise the best strategy for increased following.

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    2. Establish Social Media Goals

    We will establish goals for your Social Media account and set KPIs which are measurable so that we have SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and time-bound) objectives to aim for.

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    3. Create Customer Persona

    The most important part of the entire strategy.

    We will sit down with you and find your target Persona(s). This is crucial in creating and curating the right type of content for your target audience. We will find out their likes / dislikes, age, occupation, and a range of other detailed demographic information.

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    4. Create Brand Identity

    We will sit down with you and create a Brand Identity. This will include elements such as voice, tone of your social media channels, feel, colours etc.

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    5. Establish Social Media Platforms

    We will then determine which Social Media Platforms will achieve your goals.

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    6. Research Possible Traffic Amplifiers

    Our team will then look into possible traffic amplifiers such as Social Influencers, relevant hashtags and industry advocates to make sure that your posts are receiving the highest relevant reach.

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    7. Establish Industry Partners

    We will establish industry partners that we can share credit with and hopefully in return will expand our reach.

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    8. Create Content Strategy

    Time to finally create some content! we will establish which content is going to have the largest effect on your industry and Social Media Channels. We will have a complete mix of pictures, videos, competitions and a range of other engaging content to captivate your audience and provide extreme value.

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    9. Establish Involvement Strategy

    We will establish and involvement strategy for your Social Media Channels that are not only going to create extreme value but engage your audience and make them want to be involved in your page.

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    10. Posting Schedule

    Your content will be planned using our content calendar that provides complete transparency regarding posting schedule and time.

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    11. Test, Test, Test!

    We will test everything until we find a right mix for your followers and industry. We have industry best practices but everything we do we plan, execute, analyse and repeat until we smash your goals.

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    We will aim to find that one post that goes viral. Once this happens, you will have extreme brand exposure!

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