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Search engine marketing

From Google Search Ads to YouTube TrueView – we have you covered.

Search engine marketing

Our Google AdWords Management Service is easy to use and provides amazing ROI while providing your business with a range of exciting new opportunities.

Google AdWords – Easy to learn, almost impossible to master – let us help you by managing your Google AdWords.

Whether it’s helping you maximise the return on your investment in Google AdWords or introducing you to the amazing Google advertising platform – We have your needs covered!

We can set up your account from scratch and show you an amazing ROI!

  • Account Setup, Research & Analysis
  • PPC Campaign Monitoring & Analysis
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Analysis & Optimisation
  • Performance Reporting
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    1. Keyword Research

    PPC ads get triggered when a searcher types a search term or looks for a certain product. Our PPC specialist will look for those keywords that will not only give your site traffic, but also provide you qualified leads or sales.

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    3. Time Targeting

    We’ll be running your ads on days and hours your campaign is performing well or, if provided, according to the hours you’ve set.

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    5. Bid Management

    Our specialists will regularly monitor and adjust your bids to maximize your budget. We will assess which keywords are providing returns – whether they are visits, ad impressions, leads, or direct sales.

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    7. Ad Copy Testing

    A healthy campaign is driven by the attention ads get. Our specialist will create different ad copies and tweak them to ensure that they get maximum returns.

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    2. Conversion Tracking

    We will be installing tracking codes on your pages to know when your PPC ads are either giving you leads or sales. For some campaigns, it’s not clicks or impressions that make them successful, but conversions – which are in the form of leads or sales- that came out of those clicks.

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    4. Location Targeting

    To get more qualified clicks, we’ll only run your campaign in places your business can reach.

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    6. Ad Copy Creation

    We will create ads that would get clicks to your website and highlight your business’ or offerings’ strengths.

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    8. Monthly Consultation and Reporting

    Monthly consultations and written reports will be provided to keep you updated on your campaign’s performance. Our PPC specialist will assess your campaigns’ performance and give suggestions to improve it.

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