How we got

Founded in 2014, Mathew Carlsson started Better Option Marketing with one goal in mind; To effectively help SME’s navigate the digital space by providing exceptional marketing services and a new way of looking at SME digital marketing.

Mat has exceptional experience within the Marketing field but there was always an itch that he could not scratch working in the corporate world. Mat wanted to provide SME’s with complete transparency and a full suite of services so he could give unbiased advice to his clients about what would drive success for their business.

Fast forward 3 years and while Mat still had the same vision, he realised that technology was shifting and the way in which digital marketing was conducted was changing. Mat realised that he had more to give than just being “Better” (hence the name) and wanted to leverage new technology to help SME’s even further by making their marketing spend work even harder.

The Loop2
was born

Loop2 Digital is a full-service marketing agency based in Busselton, Western Australia serving the entire country. Loop2 Digital is an assembled team of professionals that are masters in their crafts that specialises in services that are built for online growth.

Our Values


We value transparency above everything else. We realise that it’s hard to trust something that you cannot see. Therefore, we put so much emphasis on making sure that our clients know exactly what we are up to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We built our exclusive marketing dashboard so that you get all your data in the one place as soon as you sign up a service with us.


It’s not enough to provide you marketing products and give you results. We want to know that these results are having a direct impact on your company goals and objectives. Therefore, we developed the loop. Our strategy is about making sure that you have the right steps in place to make a difference and our success stage in The Loop is about ensuring that we are taking those steps, so you get closer every day. It’s vital that we work with you. Your goals are our goals.


We are constantly adapting to the digital environment. 
We believe that the digital marketing landscape is evolving every day and to stay competitive among your competition, so are we.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence
We believe in putting our clients first. Yes, we know that everyone says this but we live it. If you have a campaign with us, that is not where our service ends. We will overlook your entire marketing campaign and even co-ordinate marketing efforts that are not put through us! When we say that we want the best for your organisation – We mean it.