Loop2 Digital will make every effort to fulfill their obligations outlined in the strategy provided to the client in every instance.

In the unlikely event that Loop2 Digital does not fulfil their obligations outlined in the marketing strategy provided to the client the following policy will occur:

Any advertising amount, that is outside of a management fee is to be credited to the account for future adspend for that account. Any management fee is to be refunded to the client. If Loop2 Digital fail to fulfil their obligations, and the value of the refund is over $500, the refund will be paid in seperate payments over a payment period. The payment period is from the 15-14th of each month, or the 1st-30th of each month. This means that the total amount to be refunded in cash in a single payment period is $500. If the amount is to be credited, the whole amount may be credited in the future months.

Refunds and credits will be assessed on a case by case basis. Loop2 Digital accepts no responsibility for advertising accounts that have been managed by clients and/or any advertising of marketing campaigns that clients have altered / moderated or adjusted during the campaign period. Loop2 Digital will attempt in every instance to run every marketing and advertising campaign to the breif, but each advertising and marketing campaign needs to be reviewed and accepted by the client.

All Social Media Posts, PPC campaigns (including Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram etc.), Click Funnels, and other advertising and marketing campaigns need to be reviewed by the client 1 week prior to the campaign going live. If there is no response from the client within 24 hours of the campaign going live, it is assumed that the client has accepted the campaign creatives, advertising message, copy and all other componenets of the advertisement/marketing material on these platforms. Changes which occur after the campaign has begin within the 30 days may incur additional charges but is up to the descretion of Loop2 Digital and will be judged on a case by case basis.

All content that is provided to Loop2 Digital is done and assumed to be copyright free, and Loop2 Digital take no responsability for copyright infringements and refunds will not be provided under any circumstances unless Loop2 Digital wrote the copy and published without authority for copyright lawsuits or infringements.