Social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and many others, provides an advertising outlet for your business that you need to harness. With reports showing that the amounts spent on digital advertising in 2016 overcame that of television for the first time in history, it’s obvious that other businesses are taking advantage of this method of reaching customers. If you’re not yet, now is definitely the time to get started on your social media advertising campaign.


We are your Digital Marketing and Social Media Agency. Internet Marketing ProductWhile all social media outlets are important for reaching potential customers, it’s no secret that the most popular is Facebook. When you consider that the ads revenue for Facebook by the end of 3rd quarter in 2016 was at $6.8 billion, you also have to realize that your competitors may already be reaching your potential clients. However, getting started now will make sure you harness the power of Facebook so you can expand your business.

Of the approximately 24 million current Australians, an estimated 15 million of them are using Facebook. This means that your advertising dollars could reach up to 62.5% of the population, even if you only focus on this platform.


There are numerous platforms outside of Facebook that can be just as important for your business. Options like YouTube provide a simple way for you to engage with people who are interested in your products and services by using videos. Twitter lets you provide short snippets that capture your followers’ attention, ensuring they contact you for more information.

Snapchat, though still relatively new to the social media game, is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for engaging with customers. This platform, which only makes content viewable for up to 24 hours, ensures that users keep adding fresh content to attract viewers.

For businesses, the fact that Snapchat provides a way to send images and videos directly to individuals that follow you means real-time connections are possible. When you add that Snapchat is expected to generateover $935 in 2017 ad revenues, it makes it clear that this is an important platform for social media advertising if millennials and Generation Z clients are one of your business’ targeted audiences.


No matter whether you focus on a single social media platform or you choose additional avenues to get the word out about your products and services, creating a plan will give your business the leverage it needs to grow. There are a number of aspects of social media advertising that can seem overwhelming when just getting started, but there’s no denying the benefits of leveraging these platforms. Your business will reach more of the population in Australia and worldwide, ensuring potential customers know what you offer. If you’re ready to leverage social media advertising, contact us to learn more about the massive return on investment that is possible with these options.