When it comes to social media management, some businesses think if they have a page, they’re doing something right. While this true, there are 10 things you need to make sure your business is doing on social media to make sure you’re getting the most out of your page.

  1. Make Sure Your Pages Work for Your Customers

A business social media page needs to represent the interests of your customers, not your own personal interests. Followers want to find out new and relevant information, so make sure you’re posting additional content they can relate to, rather than only focusing on the products and services you offer.

  1. Create Different Posts for Each Social Media Platform

Make sure each post on the platforms you use are different. If a customer follows you on one site, chances are good they follow you on multiple channels. Posting the same thing across all platforms lowers engagement, and could lead to unfollowing.

  1. Proofread Your Posts

In today’s world of typing everything in the shortest way possible, make sure your business doesn’t follow the trend. Your posts should be grammatically correct with no spelling errors – you want your information shared because it’s relevant, not because you typed something before you had your coffee.

  1. Be Consistent

Social media management requires a consistent voice across all channels. You want your brand and overall message to remain the same, whether posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other site.

  1. Provide Links Followers Want

When providing links in your posts, ensure you send those potential customers to the information they want. Playing a switch-a-roo by talking about one thing and the link going to something unrelated will only result in lost leads and fewer click-throughs.

  1. Use Social Media Management for Customer Service

If someone leaves a bad review or complaint on your page, acknowledge them, rather than ignoring it. Trying to fix the problem shows you want your clients to be happy with your services, and doing so publicly builds trust in your brand.

  1. Pay Attention to the Numbers

Analytics are important on social media. Make sure you’re checking your shares, click-through rates and engagement to see what’s popular among your followers. Then, provide content that’s similar to the most popular threads.

  1. Engage with Your Followers

Your followers are real people, and you need to treat them as such. Respond to comments and questions on your posts, including those that may seem irrelevant. This interaction builds trust and brand awareness, and shows the people on your page that you’re available when they need you.

  1. Check the Facts

While sharing the latest “breaking news” might garner plenty of likes, part of social media management is ensuring the information is correct. There are so many hoax posts out there, and you don’t want people to associate your brand with inaccurate information.

  1. Use Multiple Platforms

While you might not be comfortable with some social media platforms, you need to make sure your business utilizes as many as possible to reach the widest audience. Each of the major sites have their own user bases, and that means you need to reach them where they’re comfortable for optimal results.

Social media is an important part of engaging with and attracting customers, and doing these 10 things will help you grow your brand. If you’re ready to add this valuable tool for growth to your marketing plan, contact us today. We work with you to create a social media management plan that fits your needs and those of your business.